The Year of Study Abroad Blog Begins…


I’m a third year Physics student who has been asked to write about my experience of participating in the study abroad programme. I began making inquiries regarding a year studying in Canada in my second year and after speaking with Dr. Papoff who was in charge of international exchanges within the department, I attended an international lunch where I had the chance to meet some previous students who had done an exchange and some students currently visiting strathclyde. The students were enthusiastic so I decided to go for it.

The application involved getting the appropriate forms from the international office, getting a reference from one of my lecturers, and choosing my possible classes at the Canadian Universities. Although a perfect match of classes wasn’t possible, it was simple enough to choose close enough classes and infact meant I could customize my studies a little more than I would have otherwise studying here! After getting my forms signed off by Dr. Papoff I handed in my application, all I can do now is await the decisions of universities…

– Calum

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