A year in Scotland

Since last summer, the first time I came to Scotland, I have spent almost a year studying in University of Strathclyde. Glasgow is a beautiful city, full of culture, lots of green spaces. People living here are so kind and generous. So I’m quite enjoying living and studying here.

Young and energetic is my first impression of Strathclyde, though it is an old university with more than 200 years history. The lecturers and students here are all passionate for researching and studying. Regardless of background, teachers are so kind, explaining problems for me, inspiring me to get further understanding. I learnt a lot from them during the last year.

As an undergraduate student of physics, in the 4th year project, it’s my first time doing an entire experiment independently from learning, preparing, experimenting, modifying, to analyzing and presenting. This is quite a valuable research experience. And therefore I’d like to spend one more year studying here for the 5th year project, where I will study new techniques and applications that will help build my future business in China.

Although leaving my hometown makes me homesick sometimes, my new foreign friends always bring me pleasure. We share the same joy in games; we experience different cultures from different nations, we also suffer the revision week before exams togetherL. In our traditional spring festival, I invited them to have dumplings to celebrate the New Year; in turn they sent me Easter eggs as gifts. I really appreciate that I spent the last year with them.

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