First Day in China

The adrenaline from the first day has gone now and I feel wrecked due to jet-lag! Was on the internet today where I found that certain websites are blocked in China including Facebook and youtube, stables of the internet in the UK! As I have been trying to learn some basic Chinese, the lack of youtube is quite infuriating.

Went to Beijing park today and even in my rather grumpy state was absolutely bowled over by the beauty of the place. It is also funny to see people clearing the throats and spitting completely openly without offending anybody! Beginning to notice some people staring at me as I walk around though, not sure if that’s due to me being white or having a beard but will continue to investigate!

As you can imagine, it is really difficult to communicate with people, but luckily drinks (which you are constantly buying due to the heat) cost 3 to 5 yuan so I have just been showing the drinks to the shopkeepers and raising 3 or 4 fingers and they will raise the correct number of fingers. For other purchases shopkeepers will show you the price on a calculator. Thank God numbers are the same characters here!

Arriving in Beijing

Well, now the international blog really begins! I have arrived in Beijing today after 18 hours of nerve-wracking travel, and my first impression is that this is going to be one very fun trip! I was most fortunate in that the Physics department at Capital Normal University had arranged for a student named Wenbo to pick me up at the airport. As we exchanged pictures through e-mail before my arrival we found each other straight away much to my relief! All I can say is that this man is a God-send! He took me to get a SIM card for my phone (which worked straight away) and a bus pass that allows travel for approximately 10p per journey. We then had a delicious meal of noodles and chicken before he helped me check into a hotel on campus. Without his help it would have been a very scary first day so for that I will be eternally grateful! It is Thursday today, and I am to meet the head of the physics department on Monday which will give me a few days to settle in and try and get my body clock reset before I start any actual Physics! I can’t wait to find out what the trip has in store for me!