Arriving in Beijing

Well, now the international blog really begins! I have arrived in Beijing today after 18 hours of nerve-wracking travel, and my first impression is that this is going to be one very fun trip! I was most fortunate in that the Physics department at Capital Normal University had arranged for a student named Wenbo to pick me up at the airport. As we exchanged pictures through e-mail before my arrival we found each other straight away much to my relief! All I can say is that this man is a God-send! He took me to get a SIM card for my phone (which worked straight away) and a bus pass that allows travel for approximately 10p per journey. We then had a delicious meal of noodles and chicken before he helped me check into a hotel on campus. Without his help it would have been a very scary first day so for that I will be eternally grateful! It is Thursday today, and I am to meet the head of the physics department on Monday which will give me a few days to settle in and try and get my body clock reset before I start any actual Physics! I can’t wait to find out what the trip has in store for me!

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