Update from China

I have been in China almost three weeks and thankfully my body is getting used to the heat and the food. The weather here is very extreme compared to Scotland! The hot days are too hot to stand walking about in direct sunshine for more than a few minutes and when it rains, it is much heavier than anything I have ever seen in Scotland.

The public transport is the cheapest way to get around at 10p for a bus ride and 20p for a subway ride though at busy times you are packed in like sardines in a can! Google maps is the most useful app on my phone, ensuring I can find the places I am going and which buses I can take. It must be said though that I must look very strange spinning in a circle till my phone tells me I am facing the correct direction!

At the university everybody is extremely nice and friendly and enjoys talking to me in English as they don’t often get the chance to practice. I have even been out for a meal with the graduate students and departmental staff, had lunch with my supervisor and played table tennis with another academic at the University! The dinner with the graduate students was thoroughly enjoyable and I tried many authentic Chinese dishes including the world famous Peking duck, which in all honesty were absolutely delicious.

I have had more mixed reactions from the public here in Beijing. Outside the university people blatantly stare and some shopkeepers have tried to short change or overcharge me.

On the Physics sides of things, I had the opportunity to see some of the graduates’ work that I will be attempting to replicate over the next week. The experiment involves displaying 2 dimensional holographic images using a Spatial Light Modulator to modulate the phase of an oncoming collimated laser beam. It also involves coding a program in MATLAB to create the phase images used to make the output image of my choosing. I was very interesting to see the whole process done in front of my eyes and I look forward to replicating it. The only difference between my version and theirs is that I will be using red rather than blue laser light which is much safer! I am currently researching papers on digital hologram reconstruction and attempting to write my own version of the program. I have set the coding as a challenge for myself; should I not manage it by the end of the week, the graduate student has his code which I could use as a guide.

In my free time, I am still enjoying visiting the local attractions and recently I visited Tiananmen Square and Beijing Zoo. I am also trying the many new foods on offer! Even supermarkets are fun to rummage through here due to the exotic food and drink they have. Anyway I better get back to coding for now!

– Calum

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  1. Hi Calum,

    These photographs are great – glad you are getting on so well and seeing the sights as well as working hard.


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