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After a set of exams and a pretty busy internship this summer– I apologise for the long silence – I’m back again with some news, namely that I will spend the next eight months as an exchange student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, and thus from now on will write about my time “abroad from abroad”.

While my exchange was finally confirmed around the middle of May, I spent a good part of my summer organizing everything that had to and could already be sorted from the UK. Although slowed down a bit by the late arrival of the confirmation of my acceptance at the host university, my visa application went through surprisingly fast – only 4 weeks – and I could book my flight to Toronto in the beginning of June for an amazing price of ₤290 (

Having taken said flight one and a half weeks ago, I spent the first days after my arrival in a hostel in the city centre of Hamilton (the only hostel in town!: while flat hunting in the area around the uni in the west of the city. Although it is possible to apply for a room in university accommodation and McMaster specifically offers this option to international students, these rooms are very expensive compared to private accommodation and so I decided against it. Instead I had found a number of advertisements for privately rented rooms on the internet (,, and, as it turned out that in most cases you only had to call the landlords an hour or two in advance to arrange a viewing, I went around the first six places alone on my first day of search. Most of the accommodation available around McMaster uni is rooms in student houses (houses entirely rented to students); apartments are almost only found in the city centre, 15 to 20 minutes away by bus. The standard of the houses varies quite a bit and a large portion of the places still available for rent by the time I was looking were only basement rooms. Also, while most landlords don’t expect any safety deposit (only first and last month’s rent), they are usually pretty strict in renting out for either eight months (exactly until the end of the second semester on April, 30 2013) or 12 months only. Nonetheless, after a few fallbacks, I was finally successful and found a relatively cheap basement room only 10 minutes away from university.

Filling my room was another thing as it came unfurnished. A trip to Ikea just outside Hamilton solved that problem and for smaller items, such as kitchen equipment, etc., there are a lot of options to shop, such as any of the bigger supermarkets (which in accordance with North American standards are indeed very big), Dollarama (the Canadian equivalent of a pound shop) and a chain of second-hand stores, called Value Village, which have a range of random, but mostly useful items on sale.

As for my studies, I chose almost all of my classes already in July over the university’s online system and courses are not due to start until September, 6 2012. Next week, however, is welcome week for all new students with lots of events, including a BBQ and an open mic night for internationals, so I hope to get more into the local university life then.

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I’m a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Strathclyde studying for an integrated master’s degree in physics. I originally come from Germany, but decided to get out into the exciting, big world and so ended up in Glasgow. At the moment I'm doing an exchange year at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

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