Visiting China – Final Thoughts

So I have now been back in Scotland a few weeks and just started the new academic year at University. I have had time to reflect on my experiences over the summer and first and foremost I would definitely recommend the experience to any student up for a bit of an adventure.

My project in China was made up of performing a holography experiment and some image analysis towards the end. It required me to set up some optics, interface a device with a computer, and to perform coding to create the phase image used in the hologram reconstruction (see images below). The staff were very friendly and I definitely felt as if I improved my physics skills whilst there.

Phase ImageUniversity of Strathclyde Hologram

Not only that but I was able to visit Beijing and some of the spectacular sights such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the pandas when I was there. One of my favourite areas in Beijing was the Art District that is literally loaded with awesomeBlocky Statue statues, installations and art galleries which I could have spent days looking through! Even after almost 2 months in Beijing, I only scratched the surface!

Einstein's monster


The trip is already proving useful now that I have been choosing my projects here at Strathclyde as I have a little more experience than others in my class in what to expect from them, especially when it comes down to coding with MATLAB, at which I have become much more confident as a result of my time at Capital Normal University.

I would warn though, that visiting a country where you do not speak the language can be very trying and stressful at times, such as when trying to order food, settle bills or haggle with merchants, and sometimes lonely, especially during the day when there aren’t people at the local bar to hang out with! I definitely suffered from a little culture shock there but that is all part of the growing experience and I would say I now find it easier than ever to talk to new people!

Great Wall of ChinaGreat Wall of China


So to sum up I would like to thank the University for helping me have an excellent experience this summer, and to you if you read this blog! If you would like to know anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! And if you are considering an international experience then my advice is go for it!

– Calum

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