Erasmus Experience in Muenster

My Erasmus placement was in Muenster, Germany. I was working on my 5th year Physics project within the Institute of Applied Physics, WWU.

First Reaction

Two of my brothers and I have now experienced living and studying abroad in the Erasmus exchange program, all in different countries and for different degrees/years. The one thing we had in common was the nerves with first travelling abroad. This feeling everybody experiences and it can be a factor for some people to not participate in the exchange.

My advice is to ignore these nerves and 100 percent get involved. Everybody who experiences Erasmus feels this and this makes the group of students you meet the most open group of people I have ever met.

Erasmus program and people

It may be different in other countries/cities yet the Erasmus program in Muenster was amazing. There were over a thousand students and the level of advice and time they put in for every student was incredible. I was assigned a buddy who was studying for his masters in Biology and he was extremely helpful in getting me set up in the new environment and showed me great places for food and drink.

The diversity is huge, people from all over Europe and the world and everybody is just as friendly as the next. I now have contacts everywhere including New York and have a whole new group of friends with which I’m planning to visit over the next few years.


The people working in the University were extremely open and helpful, inviting me to activities within and apart from the university. I was set up with a supervisor and a Physics student at the same level as me, this helped me gain a huge amount of experience working and developing my skills.


The experience has been my favourite part of university so far and I would go back in a heartbeat. I have already travelled to Muenster for a weekend last month to see the group again and am planning to do the same this summer. My advice is to apply straight away to get a spot in the program.

John McPhillimy

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