My International Exchange in Singapore

Hi there, my name’s Alan Ross and I’m a 4th year MPhys student. The beginning of this trip started when I decided in 2nd year that I really wanted to go and experience Asia. That decision has taken me all the way to Hot and Humid Singapore where I have now been living for just over a month, with 8 more months to go, and I’m having a really great time.

To start off, I had no nerves about going to Singapore until maybe the last 2 weeks when the sheer idea and enormity of being away from home for 9 months hit me (I’d always stayed in my parent’s house before then).

Anyway, despite having a bad case of nerves, I pulled through, realising it was just normal to feel that way and soon enough I was on the 16 hour flight to Singapore via Dubai where it felt oh so surreal.

I arrived a few days before my Dorm Room was available and stayed for 3 nights in a hotel in Chinatown, which allowed me a few days to acclimatise and take in my new surroundings!

Then it was off to my humble dorm room on campus, which I may add feels like it’s surrounded by a jungle.

View of my Halls from the Physics Dept.

At first things were pretty hard and I did have some negative feelings about being over here but it really didn’t take long before I started to settle in and enjoy this totally different world and lifestyle.

It has been easy enough to make friends with the diverse and huge group of international students (900+) and also the locals who are very friendly. The only language barrier you’ll have is when Singaporeans speak Singlish to other Singaporeans as opposed to English (the administrative language) where Singlish is a mix of different languages/dialects such as English, Mandarin/Hokkien and Malay.

Academically, things are quite different, the structure and the content they teach is pretty different such as the grading being based on a bell-curve where you’re compared to other students, having different focusses like Econophysics and the 4th year project taking a full year to do.

The staff at Nanyang are very friendly and are always happy to talk to you, while the staff back at Strathclyde have also been nothing but helpful, supportive and accommodating too.

The campus is much bigger than Strathclyde’s where it will certainly take you more than an hour to walk around it at a brisk pace. It contains numerous canteens with all sorts of food, great sports facilities (there’s a gym at each student hall, as well as a 50m outside pool and a 8-lane 400m running track), and a lot of other impressive looking buildings including the Physics building itself.

Overall I feel Singapore is a great option when considering to go on an international exchange. You get to experience something totally different from what you’d get in the West while still having some Western influence. Also Singapore has a lot to boast about, from how multicultural it is, to how safe, clean and efficient it is to finally the great and cheap food you can get from its famous hawker centres. One of the other good things about going to Singapore is that there are also loads of great travel opportunities.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend anyone else interested in going to study abroad to come here!

Alan Ross, September 2015

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