The best year of my life!

Well, it is nearly time. It is nearly time for what is most likely going to be the best year at university I’ll have and has so far been the best year of my life. Since my last blog which was a loooong time ago (sorry about that) I feel like so much has changed. As if I’ve moved onto another chapter.

During my time here in Singapore I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in a great circle of friends as well as to be graced with some very close friends. It will be sad when we all have to go back but I do think I’ll see some people again.

My first semester was probably not the best academically and I think I made quite a mistake by not having anything to work on but my final year project because the consequences of that was that it was hard to get started (the term you ‘use it or lose it’ applies a bit here) in my second semester so I’ll just consider that is a hard lesson I’ve learnt. My second semester with my project, my computational physics class and my quantum electronics class shocked me and has really proven challenging (in a good way) and I have felt motivated by the people around me. Both the professors are supportive, with one professor teaching their quantum electronics in a socratic way so to encourage better understanding of the material and even though I’m not particularly great at computational physics, I enjoy it a lot despite the frustrations. My project is also coming along okay I feel, I always enjoy the looks I get when I tell people I’m studying physics but my project is on the house price distribution in England to learn more about housing markets in general and more specifically housing bubbles. It has been interesting doing physics what some others might deem as unorthodox but Econophysics, which uses the statistical mechanics all physicists learn, has proven fruitful so far. Both my project professor and the postgrad are a pleasure to work and discuss things with and I even got invited to my postgrads wedding which was a unique opportunity to experience Chinese culture and it really turned out to be a fantastic night.

Moving on from the academics and onto the travelling… well it has been quite something and I felt maybe even a bit transformed by the month long travelling in December where I went to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and finally Cambodia where I enjoyed my birthday on a beautiful island. Travelling with just one friend rather than a group was probably one of the best things about our travels, if we had travelled with a group instead I don’t think I’d have met nowhere as many interesting people. The friends we met along with the experiences we had the fortune to have really did make that month pretty surreal.

Alan Ross April 2016

With all that said, I haven’t even really spoke much about my time here in Singapore and some of my other travelling experiences which have been just as good in their own ways but with only 3 weeks to go till my last exam I better get back to studying and writing up my project.

Oh and I’d just like to reinforce what I said in my last blog, if you have the opportunity to study abroad, please just do yourself a favour and go for it!

Alan Ross April 2016 (2)

Alan Ross, April 2016

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